Garuda antique Tibetan bell

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Age : XIX – XX century
Type : Tibetan bell
Nicely detailed by skilled craftsmen traditionally with Tibetan symbolic script, circa 1900. The sound of the bell is clear and penetrating. Handmade. Bronze of mixed alloy of 7 metals.

CONDITION: Very nice patina showing its age and use. Original clapper.

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: 9,5cm diameter and 25cm height.

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  • In Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present, on our website, all the products with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as the bowls have a wide spectrum of harmonics, there could be some differences between the recordings and the reality. Then, you will surely be surprised that, live, they sound even better!
  • All our bowls have passed rigorous authenticity tests for age, harmonic balance, smoothness of sound reproduction, and sound duration.
  • To ensure that the products maintain their quality, we have given them our special cleaning and optimization treatment,ón-y-conservacion/, which includes protection to avoid future oxidation and the transmission of heavy metals to our body, a unique and exclusive service in the world!


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