Buddhist art sacred vessel sacred yoni sacred vessel of the ancient Himalayas #JSAB01009

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  • Ancient Ritual Yoni Ceremonial Ritual Female Vessel
  • Century: XVII-XVIII
  • 34 x 14 x 10 cm). Weight 0.87 kilos

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The Yoni Pourer is at the top and the Yoni-Lingam at the bottom. Both items are extremely rare and highly collectible museum-quality ceremonial vessels for pouring holy water. They are believed to date from the 17th or 18th century and probably have their origin in the Indian Himalayas. Their condition is exceptional, and they have a beautiful deep golden copper color and patina of antiquity. They were found in Nepal.


Ancient Ceremonial Yoni Menstrual Ceremonial Ritual Vessel and Flower Vase

Ancient Ceremonial Yoni Menstrual Ceremonial Vessel.

This ancient teardrop-shaped object has been beautifully forged from hand-struck copper. It features a pointed lingam set centrally placed inside the bowl and has a matching navel underneath. It sits perfectly on the circular base of the navel ... everything else rises above the surface - it's a truly sensual and beautiful shape! It is structurally sound and in excellent condition. It has the patina, looks, and feel of great antiquity.

The Yoni (vulva) is the symbol of the Hindu Goddess Shakti, while the male counterpart is God Shiva's Lingam (phallus). Their union represents the eternal process of creation and regeneration. Normally holy water from the Yoni is poured over a Shiva Lingam during a Puja or prayer ceremony, but in this case, the Yoni and Lingam are combined within the same vessel.


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