Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls Set nº14

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Edad: siglo XX-XXI
Tipo: 3 uds. Jambati / 1 ud. Thado
Notas: C/C 4ta octava, E/E 4ta octava, Gb/G b 4ta, Ab/Ab 4ta octava a 432 Hz
Tamaños: desde 14,5 cm diámetro x 8 cm altura hasta 23,5 cm diámetro x 11 cm altura
Peso/ pieza: desde 494 gr. a 1.078 gr.
Hecho a mano
Una aleación mixta de 7 metales.

escuchar con auriculares


Al comienzo de la muestra de sonido, golpeamos el cuenco en la parte superior del borde exterior con un mazo de dureza media. Luego, frotamos el cuenco en la parte superior del borde exterior con una baqueta de cuero acolchada.

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Los cuencos THADOBATI se caracterizan por una base ancha y plana y un borde alto y recto. Los más viejos suelen tener bordes más gruesos y extremos redondeados. Las superficies de las llantas pueden ser ásperas o lisas con líneas grabadas, puntos y/o pequeños círculos. Por lo general, son de tamaño pequeño a mediano y muy rara vez se encuentran en tamaños más grandes.

Tienen muy buena presencia sonora en su tono fundamental y sus armónicos se automultiplican.

Because of their structure and thickness, the vibrations are not very expansive but are concentrated within the bowl itself. This makes them less used for vibrational therapies on the body, except in points where the vibration is easily transmitted as, for example, above the forehead or the hands. Even so, some vibrate more than others. They are also used in concerts and sound baths.

THADOBATI bowls of the REMUNA / LOTUS type are distinguished by their curved rims with a small bulbous belly. The rims are thin, smooth, and high. The base is usually flat but sometimes has a small raised area or mound in the center of the base. They are easy to play with mallet and drumstick, resting them on the hand or stable surfaces. They vibrate more, therefore, they are more apt to be used in vibrational therapies. They sing, have long sounds, and are rich in harmonics.

Jacomina Sounds offers high-quality antique THADOBATI REMUNA / LOTUS singing bowls. Handmade and with a combination of 5 to 7 metals. Most of them are part of our private collection. These as well as the most recent ones have been personally selected in Nepal. All have received our unique and exclusive treatment for cleaning and sound optimization. For more information about our specialized treatment.

Antique JAMBATI bowls are beautiful and widely used. They are available in super large, large, medium, and small sizes. They are characterized by high, open and elegantly curved rims and the marks of the hammer blows are visible. They can be totally smooth or only smooth on the top, as well as having one or more lines engraved on the outer top. Some also have inscriptions of mantras, names, or dedications. The ends of some edges are flat or rounded. Others are thicker, round, and/or triangular extending inward, and sometimes have grooved lines on the flat ends.

The bases of all Jambati bowls are flat and small to medium in size. They usually have one or more concentric circles engraved on the inside of the base. Often, these lines and inscriptions have almost disappeared due to years of use.

They are easy to play with by resting them on the hand or a surface. To achieve a quality sound, it is important to use the right mallets and drumsticks.

By striking the top outer part of the rim with the mallet, the fundamental note remains balanced and powerful, capable of generating multiple harmonics. The sound produced by the friction of the mallet is usually warm and enveloping. Depending on the thickness of the drumstick, and at what height of the rim it is played, higher or lower harmonics come out and the bowl will vibrate with more or less intensity.


  • Certificate of authenticity, with the specific characteristics of each bowl chosen.
  • A high-quality, hard, professional Nepalese drumstick, made of wood and leather, padded up to the middle.
  • Tips on how to maintain the bowl and drumstick.
  • A brief instruction on how to play the bowl.
  • It is advisable to add a large medium-hard mallet for striking this bowl.


  • In Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present, on our website, all the bowls with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as the bowls have a wide spectrum of harmonics, there might be some difference between the recordings and the reality. Then, you will surely be surprised that, live, they sound even better!
  • All of our bowls have passed rigorous authenticity tests for age, harmonic balance, smoothness of sound reproduction, and duration of the sound.
  • Para que los cuencos mantengan su calidad, les hemos dado nuestro tratamiento especial de limpieza y optimización, que incluye protección para evitar futuras oxidaciones y la transmisión de metales pesados ​​a nuestro organismo, ¡un servicio único y exclusivo en el mundo!

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