Sound and personal growth workshops (Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments)

Sound Therapy Training, Initiation (Module I) and In-depth Training (Module II)
are focused on the use of the sound of singing bowls, Feng gongs, tingshas and voice to initiate or accompany processes of self-help and personal growth of the participants themselves.

In Modules I and II you learn to play and use the instruments and the voice, to experience their effects, the development of presence and listening, for the personal development of each individual.
They also offer tools for professionals to experience the effects of various sound applications on themselves, and to practice and research with themselves before integrating sound into their professional environment.

Sound Therapy Training, Initiation (Module I)
We learn to choose, care for, touch and use the singing bowls, understanding the principles behind the vibrations and sounds of the bowls that move and relax and how to use them for oneself and those close to us. We also enter into a wider listening, actively and with our whole being, with our body, to the bowls, to nature and to what moves us inside.
In the mornings we wake up to the deep voice, to the sunrise and the sounds of nature. And we merge with the bowls and the elements of the place, through the voice, resonating. A re-encounter with our closest and most intimate instrument, from the authenticity, the expression of each one in his own way, uniting us with our own tones, with our vibration in relation to everything!
Module I is focused on the personal and spiritual development of each participant. It also gives the first part of the basis for practitioners to experiment with sound on a personal level, before integrating it into their work.
Open to anyone interested in exploring the world of vibrations. It is not necessary to have musical training, musical sense or a good ear. Module I is offered in Punta de Couso, in other places in Spain and abroad.

6-9 April
Timetables:     6 April, 11 a.m. - 9 April, lunch
Price:    590 €, all inclusive + private concert on April 6
5-9 August (longest of the year)
Timetables:     5 August, 11 a.m. - 9 August, lunch
Price:    755 €, all inclusive + private concert on 5 August
11 August (short, intensive)
Timetables:    10-14 and 16-20 h.
Price:    130 €, lunch included
6-7 December 
Timetables:     6 December, 11 a.m. - 7 December, lunch, 3.30 p.m.
Price:     260 €, all inclusive + public concert on 6 December

INFO AND BOOKING:     687 703 502 office, also with WhatsApp

13 May
Timetables:    10-14 and 16-20 h.
Price:    135 €
Location:    Fundació Casa del Tibet Barcelona, C/ Rosselló 181 bajo

INFO AND BOOKING: / 932 075 966 (16.30-19.30 h.)
Also: / 607 687 575 (Jacomina), also Whatsapp
or in Biocultura Barcelona 4-7 May, Palau San Jordi, Stand 353 y 354

In all Modules I, Introduction the fundamental techniques are taught but in the longer ones there will be more techniques and practice.
All of them give access to Module II, Deepening. 1-day intensive Modules I, such as the one in the 
2 December, are programmed especially for people who directly want to continue with Module II, Deepening, afterwards. The content of a Module I in Punta de Couso is similar to what is taught in Modules I in OTHER PLACES.

Sound Therapy Training, In-depth (Intensive and complete Module II)
The Sound Therapy Training will continue with the Deepening, the teaching of the applications of the bowls on an energetic level, inside, above and outside the body. We practice with what we have learned, gaining confidence from the understanding of the basic principles of sound, independent of instructions, in contact with the heart and our senses. We will listen more and more precisely to what the body wants to tell us through sound. A path that is deepened even further with the introduction of the small Feng gongs and the crotales. Instruments that also help us to diagnose, cleanse, balance and recharge the body and the energy fields. And we will work with energy and body awareness, creativity and nature.
We also continue to deepen our voice, early in the mornings, to get in touch with the vital energy, and directly with parts of the body and what they want to express. We unite our voice with the vibrations of the bowls, with our body and with the 'other'.
Content of the complete Module II
. Deepening in the applications of the bowls, at the energetic level (meridians, aura and chakras).
. In-depth study of the application of the voice as a vibratory instrument + more specific applications.
. Introduction to the use of small Feng Gongs .
. Combined applications with singing bowls, voice, Feng gongs and crotales.
. Energy Consciousness
. Contact with Nature

Jacomina offers Module II only in Punta de Couso,
in 4.5 days, the longest in summer and the shortest (between 1.5 and 3.5 days) in December.
The duration of the workshop in December depends on the first day of the December long weekend.

Punta de Couso Centre, Galicia
12-16 August, Module II (longest of the year)
Timetables:     12 August, 11 a.m. - 16 April, lunch
Price:    755 €, all inclusive + private concert on 12 August
8-10 December, Module II, (intensive)
Timetables:    8 December, 10 a.m. - 10 December, lunch, 15.30 h.
Price:   425 € all inclusive + public concert on 8 December
Prior participation in Module I, Initiation, is essential.
Modules I and II-complete give access to professionals who want to enter Module III, Sound Training for Professionals.

687 703 502 office, also with WhatsApp

More information on dates and prices at Agenda.



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