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Jacomina Kistemaker in Bilbao

Dutch psychologist and pioneer with Sound Therapy in Spain since 1995.

Since the introduction of the Tibetan singing bowls and voice as powerful tools for meditation, (self-)healing and personal and spiritual development processes.

He developed his innovative Trainings and Masterclasses for interested people and professionals with Tibetan singing bowls, voice, large and small Tam Tam gongs, Feng gongs, monochords, crotales and the Crystalline-Healing Voice.

He also gives individual consultations and concert-meditations for Peace in Spain and other countries.

It will be in Bilbao from 03 to 05 October and will have different activities:

Sound and voice therapy consultations

Jacomina's individual consultations are loving accompaniments in which she combines the sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, small Feng gongs and Jacomina's crystalline healing voice with various techniques of psychology, personal growth and biodynamics.

They are "baths" of sounds, vibrations and energy, massages on a cellular level that accompany and support learning, healing and relaxation processes. They are complementary to other therapies.

They are aimed at people with all kinds of problems such as emotional imbalances, stress problems, insomnia, hypertension, lack of concentration, autism, problems with menstruation, constipation, muscle contractions, Alzheimer's, trauma from operations and accidents, coma and aid in the dying process, etc.

  • By appointment only
  • Approximate duration: 1 hr 30 minutes
  • Price: 100 €.
  • Info and reservations: Chari_Lar 688 847 982
Introduction to singing bowls course

Course: Introduction to singing bowls

4 October 2023

Explanation and practice with the fundamental concepts of how the bowls work, touching and rubbing them. How to choose and apply them on a personal and professional level and contra-indications.

  • Time: 18-00 - 21:00
  • Price: 100 €.
  • Info and reservations: Chari_Lar 688 847 982

Introduction to the Crystalline-Healing Voice Course

5 October 2023

Singing only for oneself, for one's own body, for nobody else! The voice as a vibrational instrument to cleanse and reactivate parts blocked by crystallisations in the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Super-powerful for healing oneself and others. Spectacular results in unblocking the voice.

  • Time: 18-00 - 21:00
  • Price: 100 €.
  • Info and reservations: Chari_Lar 688 847 982
Lar Bilbao Spiritual School

Lar Spiritual School

  • Calle Bidebarrieta 14, 2º dch - Dept 3.
  • Casco Viejo - Bilbao


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Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Module II Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 30 - 1 September '24

Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 26 - 29 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - July '24

Crystalline-Healing Voice Training Advanced The Nervous System (Module III) September '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction 19-21 August '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 17 - 18 August '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 3-7 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Advanced Training The Digestive System (Module III) April '24

Professional Training Tibetan Singing Bowls and Voice from 28-31 March '24 Module I

Monochord formation and voice - July - August '24

Formation Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 23 - 26 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction - 29 - 31 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 28 - 29 March '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module II) Basic Training - July '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - 27 March '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 28th to 31st March '24


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