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Co-operations in Punta de Couso

I. Jacomina Sounds 

Patsini, of Jacomina Sounds, is a multi-percussionist, specialising in ethnic, classical and modern music. Luthier and restorer of metal percussion instruments (Tibetan bowls and gongs) and sound engineer in applied acoustics.

A. "A World to Explore" Hangs/Handpans Formations

- Hangs/Handpans Training, Introduction (Module I)
An opportunity to experiment with handpans of different musical scales and to get to know their history, context, theory and practice of musical interpretation and expression in different musical styles, rhythmic and harmonic (meditation).

The objective of this Module is to obtain a basic knowledge of the Handpan to enjoy playing it, as well as to experience the pleasure of creating harmonic music and its different timbres in a natural way, in a short time. Without the need for great knowledge or theoretical studies, this instrument allows anyone to express themselves musically and to benefit from the wellbeing that the sound of this instrument provides.
At the end there will be a jam session guided tour where you can enjoy the pleasure of generating music together with everything you have learnt.
6-7 April
Timetables:     6 April, 11 a.m. - 7 April, 15.30 h.
also including the concert on 6 April together with Jacomina Kistemaker
Maximum:     10 persons
20-21 August
Timetables:     20 August, 11 a.m. - 21 August, 15.30 h.
including also concert on 20 August together with Jacomina Kistemaker
6-7 December
Timetable:     6 December, 11 a.m. - 7 December, 3.30 p.m.
including also the concert from 6 December to Jacomina Kistemaker

In all Training Modules 1 Noblet Handpan is provided for each participant.
It is possible to purchase one of the instruments during, or after all the Trainings, by visiting the centre or through www.jacominasounds.com .


INFO AND BOOKING:      687 703 502, OFFICE, also by whatsapp

- Hangs/Handpan, Harmony and Improvisation Training (Module II)
Module II focuses on harmony and melodic composition, learning rhythmic coordination and independence and variations according to different musical styles. Attention is paid to the different notes, to practising active listening and to experimenting with improvisation and the creation of the moment.
7-9 April
Timetables:     7 April, 8.30 p.m. - 9 April, 3.30 p.m.

including also the concert on 7 April together with Jacomina Kistemaker
Maximum:     10 persons
22-24 August
Timetables:     22 August, 10.00 a.m. - 24 August, 15.30 h.
all inclusive + private concert on 22 August together with Jacomina Kistemaker
Maximum:     10 persons
8-10 December
Timetables:     8 December, 10.00 a.m. - 10 December, 15.30 h.
all inclusive + concert on 8 December together with Jacomina Kistemaker
Prices are calculated on the basis of double rooms, for a single room 20 € extra per night pp.
In order to participate in Module II it is essential to have completed Module I. It is possible to purchase one of the instruments during or after all the trainings, by visiting the centre and by www.jacominasounds.com


INFO AND BOOKING:      687 703 502, OFFICE, also by whatsapp

by Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina Sounds

Gongs are very powerful instruments, handmade in China, with 1-4 metals, based on the knowledge of a millenary tradition.

To work with these powerful instruments it is very important to develop a clean, wise and loving attitude, with a lot of presence in listening and playing. The sound is an excellent conveyor of the intentions of the person playing.

The sound structure of the gongs is taught and how to play these instruments, with so much power, to bring out their richness of tones and nuances with different mallets and other high quality tools. We will enter into a myriad of subtleties and messages that the gong gives us, mirroring ourselves and resonating with what enters its field.

On a therapeutic level, we will work from energetic/body awareness and listening. The voice will be used as a vibrational instrument to resonate with parts of our own body and then with the gong, bringing us closer and closer to its essence.

The work with the large Gongs is very subtle, a dance of extremes: How to play and contain this great power and how to use its strength and subtlety as an instrument for music, meditation, therapy and personal growth.

. Introduction to the different gongs, their sound structure, ways of playing them and their effects.
. Silence, listening and energetic awareness.
. The gong as a mirror and amplifier of the attitude, moods and presence of the person playing.
. The gong as an instrument of diagnosis, cleansing, healing and self-expression.

Each participant works with a Tam Tam gong from a minimum of 65 cm to a maximum of 100 cm in diameter.

1-4 April
Timetables:     1 April, 11 a.m. - 4 April, 3.30 p.m.
all inclusive + the concert on 1 April with Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina Sounds
10 persons
26-29 August
Timetables:    26 August, 11 a.m. - 29 August, 15.30 h.
all inclusive + private concert on 26 August with Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina Sounds
Maximum: 10 persons
2-5 December
Timetables: 2 December, 11 a.m. - 5 December, lunch, 3.30 p.m.
all inclusive, + concert on 2 December by Jacomina and Jacomina Sounds
Each participant will practice with a Tam Tam gong from Jacomina Sounds. It is possible to purchase one of the instruments during or after all trainings, at the Centre or through  www.jacominasounds.com.


INFO AND BOOKING:      687 703 502, OFFICE, also by whatsapp
It is recommended to have participated in the Sound Therapy Training, Module I, Introduction with Tibetan Singing Bowls" or the Training "The Healing Voice", (Module I) by Jacomina Kistemaker.

INFO AND BOOKING:     687 703 502, OFFICE, also by whatsapp

by Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini


1 April (Public)
6 and 7 April and 20, 22 and 26 August (private)
2, 5 and 8 December (Public)
Timetables:     22 h.
Prices:     20 € concert, for those who do not participate in the Jacomina Kistemaker or Jacomina Sounds workshops on these dates.

INFO AND BOOKING:      687 703 502, OFFICE, also by whatsapp


4 - 7 May Biocultura BARCELONA, stands 353 and 354 
5 May - Talk "The Secrets of the Magic of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls". + mini-concert
In-depth investigation of the history of singing bowls, the development of their forms, metals used, and the different applications in the Buddhist and Hindu lines. Characteristics for choosing the right singing bowls for therapies, meditations or concerts + mini-concert (bowls, gong and voice) together with Jacomina Kistemaker.
6 May
- Flowing Harmony", Concert-Meditation for Peace
by Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina Sounds
The harmony of the instruments (singing bowls, gongs, monochord, handpans and core-drum) and the voice resonates with divine harmony. It opens the door to peace with oneself which gives us an anchor of stability in these troubled times.
7 May
- Healing yourself with the Crystalline Voice workshop + mini-concert
by Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina SoundsBasic explanation and exercises of the Healing Voice to know and feel the effects of the Crystalline Voice. 
- A World to Explore - Handpans talk/workshop + mini-concert
by Jacomina Sounds and Jacomina Kistemaker
Explanation of the history, different types of hang, handpan, pantam, musical structure. Applications in therapy, teaching, music and meditations.
Samples of its applications 
Location:    Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona
Timetables:    Still to be confirmed
Free access for all Biocultura visitors. Without reservation
Fundació Casa del Tibet BARCELONA
12 May Sound Bath "Flowing Harmony", Peace Meditation
by Jacomina Kistemaker and Joan Patsini
Timetable:     19 h.
Price:     20 €
Location:     C/ Roselló 180, Barcelona
admin@casadeltibetbcn.org / 93 207 59 66 Marta (office hours from 16:30 h to 20:30 h)
or at Biocultura Barcelona, stand 353 / 354

Tata is a renowned jazz singer and an extraordinary teacher for professional singers, but also with a great ability to help people with singing difficulties. She has an amazing, beautiful and fun approach that includes a lot of improvisation and rhythm. She is able to make everyone sing their "own song". Don't miss the opportunity to work with her!

Singing requires a very complex internal movement for the imagined sound to manifest itself, but it is not necessary to invent it, only to allow it. The body in turn expresses in external movements figures that speak to us of its interiority.
From the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside...

His proposal this year is the exploration of these two flows to enhance the naturalness of the singing and favour its immediacy.
We will create music and dance following the first impulse.

This workshop is open to everyone and does not require any previous knowledge or experience, on the contrary, people who have never sung before are especially welcome.... the working system allows musicians and singers to coincide with "first-timers" and makes it possible for both to benefit.

We will celebrate the joy that singing produces, the well-being that the vibration of our voice transmits and the peace that the expression of our being through sound and movement generates.

For more information: www.tataquintana.com

Registration options

  • Long option: 28 April, starts at 18.00 h. - 2 May, ends after lunch at 15.30 h.
    Price:     590 €
  • Short option: 28 April, starts at 6 p.m. - 1 May, ends after lunch at 15.30 h.
    Price:     445 €

Both include classes, accommodation in double rooms and all meals. It is possible to come before and stay after the workshop. The extra days are not included in the price of the workshop. As we do not have a cook for these extra days, we offer the possibility of using the centre's kitchen for 10 € for the whole day.

Maximum: 16 persons

Reservations will be final when 25 % is paid into the bank account at:

  • Bank: ABANCA, Hío
  • Account number: ES83 2080 5118 3530 4000 2650
  • Holder: Jacomina Kistemaker
  • Concept: Taller Tata Quintana.
  • Send proof of transfer to puntadecouso@puntadecouso.com

The rest can be paid on arrival at Punta de Couso in cash. It is not possible to pay by credit card.

Information and Booking:

986 687 575 / 687 703 502 office, also with WhatsApp
607 687 575 (Jacomina), also on WhatsApp

For more information:
Youtube Tata Quintana
Tata Quintana Facebook
690 131 379

To see more of her work pf watch this beautiful Video
Tata's "Voice, Song, Creation", engraving at Punta de Couso



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Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Module II Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 30 - 1 September '24

Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 26 - 29 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - July '24

Crystalline-Healing Voice Training Advanced The Nervous System (Module III) September '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction 19-21 August '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 17 - 18 August '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 3-7 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Advanced Training The Digestive System (Module III) April '24

Professional Training Tibetan Singing Bowls and Voice from 28-31 March '24 Module I

Monochord formation and voice - July - August '24

Formation Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 23 - 26 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction - 29 - 31 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 28 - 29 March '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module II) Basic Training - July '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - 27 March '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 28th to 31st March '24


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