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Pantam Lingam

From the Noblet wasiWe have been thinking for some time about the direction in which our sound is evolving and, after a lot of thinking and hammering, we have found it. That sound is there, for everyone, to be developed and, above all, to be enjoyed.

With the help of Joan Patsinisound engineer in applied acoustics, restorer of Tibetan singing bowls, founder of jacominasounds.com and friend, we have analysed on a technical/professional level, the new sound. And, for the first time in the world of PantamAfter years of trial and error, we have implemented the Boundary effectthus creating the Pantam Lingam.

The sound of this instrument is achieved when tuned in a bidirectional figure-eight pattern, creating, at the same time, complex harmonicswhich are the sum of several simple harmonics.

Through this new tuning technique, it has been possible to create, in the same tonal space, up to four simple harmonics in the fundamental, plus two in the fifth and two more in the octave. And, like the other instruments in the family, the soundboard is flexible and has different tonal spaces. 

The main difference between the existing instruments and the Pantam Lingam is that, in the latter, the notes float in the soundboard.

In other words, they are isolated and each note emits its pure sound. At the same time, with the set of floating notes, a damped harmonic is achieved, which creates a sensation of open, deep, compact and ceramic sound. Another difference to note is that it has been achieved between a 60% and a refractability 70% and approximately only 5% of diffraction. Finally, the resonator applied from the third to the fifth octave is a Helm Holtz and for the second octave it is a Koenig.

So, thanks to all these differential features, we have been able to create a multi-harmonic instrumentThe only one in existence to date that, while preserving the pure tones of each note, emits more harmonics per note, giving us a sensation of open, deep, compact and ceramic sound.

We could say that, as with the flavour, we have found a sound Umami. 

Finally, in the Noblet wasiWe are firmly convinced that this is just one more step in the broad tuning scenario, in which the sound has been transforming from more metallic, in the case of the Handpan, through the ceramic sound of the Pantam and, right now, stopped and fascinated by Boundary effect from Pantam Lingam

A universe of sound possibilities has been given to us!


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Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Module II Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 30 - 1 September '24

Training Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 26 - 29 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - July '24

Crystalline-Healing Voice Training Advanced The Nervous System (Module III) September '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction 19-21 August '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 17 - 18 August '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 3-7 August '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Advanced Training The Digestive System (Module III) April '24

Professional Training Tibetan Singing Bowls and Voice from 28-31 March '24 Module I

Monochord formation and voice - July - August '24

Formation Gongs Grandes " The soul of the gongs" Jacomina Kistemaker and Patsini from 23 - 26 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module II) Introduction - 29 - 31 March '24

Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - 28 - 29 March '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module II) Basic Training - July '24

The Crystalline-Healing Voice Training (Module I) Introduction - 27 March '24

Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 from 28th to 31st March '24


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