Monochord formation and voice - November '23



by Jacomina Kistemaker

- 28-30 November

Timetables: 28 November, 11am - 30 November, 3.30pm.

Price: 475, all inclusive + public concert on 28 November, benefit for Nepal
Prices are calculated on the basis of double rooms, for a single room 25 € extra per night.
Maximum: 10 persons

  • Payment of the reservation 150€.




- Introduction and teachings on how to play and apply 3 different types of monochords, all tuned in C # 432 for music, meditation and healing.

- Finding harmonics through listening and directly on the instrument.

- Use the voice to resonate with the notes and the body.

- Explore the effects of 3 different notes that the earth creates in its movement through space, 1 day, 1 year and the Platonic year.

- Practising with sessions with the different types of monochords and voice.

After the end of the training, for those interested, or for those who want to buy a monochord, there will be a demonstration of how to change the strings and how to tune the instrument.


It is possible to buy a high quality monochord, during all Formations, by visiting the centre, through Jacomina Kistemaker or .

Open to anyone interested in exploring the world of vibrations and healing. No need for musical training or a good ear.