Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction - December '23


Hangs/Handpans Training (Module I) Introduction

by Jacomina Sounds

Timetables: 6 December, 11.00 a.m. - 7 December, 15.30 h.
Price: 295 €all inclusive, also the public concert on December 6th together with Jacomina Kistemaker and Jacomina Sounds
The prices are calculated on the basis of double rooms. For a single room we have to charge an extra 25 € per night.
Maximum: 10 people.


  • Payment of the reservation 150€.



MODULE I, Introduction to Hang/Handpan

An opportunity to experiment with Hangs/Handpans of different musical scales and to learn about their history, context, theory and practice in musical interpretation and expression in different musical styles, rhythmic and harmonic (meditation).

The aim of this module is to obtain a basic knowledge of the Handpan in order to enjoy playing it, as well as to experience the pleasure of creating harmonic music and its different timbres in a natural way in a short time. Without the need for great knowledge or theoretical studies, this instrument allows anyone to express themselves musically and to benefit from the well-being that the sound of this instrument provides.

At the end there will be a guided jam session where you can enjoy the pleasure of generating music together with everything you have learnt.

No musical knowledge required!

MORE INFO: HANDPANS      by Patsini (Jacomina Sounds)

Musician, multi-percussionist, specialising in ethnic, classical and modern music. Restorer of metal percussion instruments (Tibetan bowls and gongs) and sound engineer in applied acoustics.