Training Tibetan singing bowls Sound Therapy Module 1 - December '23


. SONOTHERAPY TRAINING, INTRODUCTION with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Voice (Module I)

by Jacomina Kistemaker

Timetable: 6 December, 11 a.m. - 7 December, lunch, 20.30 h.
Price: 365 €all inclusive + public concert on 6 December.
The prices are calculated on the basis of double rooms. For a single room it is 25 € extra per night.

Maximum: 14 persons



  • Payment of the reservation 150€.



In this module you will learn

- how to choose, touch and use singing bowls and how to care for them,

- to know, understand and feel the fundamental principles of the vibrations and sounds of the bowls and how to apply them in the physical and energetic body for oneself and the people in one's inner circle,

- the voice as a healing instrument for oneself,

- active and passive presence and listening with the whole body, with all the senses, to the bowls, nature and the subtle sounds of what moves within the body.

This module is an introduction to sound therapy, sound in close relation to personal and spiritual growth through singing bowls, voice, nature and meditation. It is also an opportunity, and a necessity, for practitioners to feel and experience the effects of these powerful instruments in themselves before applying them in their professional work.


It is possible to purchase a high quality bowl, or set of bowls, during all trainings by visiting the centre or through our new website,

Module I is open to anyone who wants to explore the world of vibrations and sound. It is not necessary to have a musical background or a good ear. It gives access to Module II, Deepening and Training of the Great Gongs, Module I and is part of the preparation for entry into Module III, Sound Training for Professionals.