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Tibetan Tingshas 7 ancient metals



This tingsha is truly handmade, with a pure, clear and resonant sound.

Pure, resonant and impressive sound.
It is commonly used to mark the beginning or end of a period of Buddhist meditation or spiritual practice.
Embossed with six-word memorials, beautiful and felicitous Buddhist symbol design.
With a solid leather strap to connect these two tingshas for sturdy use.
Made of high quality metal and beautifully crafted design, compact and exquisite.

Material: bronze with 7-metal alloy from antique bowl casting
Pattern: original (no pattern) / The eight auspices symbols / Six-word memory symbols
Bell diameter: 8.5cm
Item size: 8.5 * 685 * 3,6cm
Item weight: 480 g

Please listen with headphones


At the beginning of the sound sample, we strike the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a medium hard mallet. Then, we rub the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a padded leather drumstick and, at the end of the recording, we tap it gently with the padded part of the drumstick.


Description / Additional information

. Age: 21st century
. Provenance: Nepal

. Diameter: 8.5 cm

. Thickness: thick wall

. Handmade, mixed alloy bronze of 7 metals from antique bowls.


  • At Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present all singing bowls on our website with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as tingshas have a wide range of overtones, there might be some differences between the recordings and the real thing. Then you will surely be surprised that they sound even better live!
  • All our bowls have passed rigorous authenticity tests on age, harmonic balance, smoothness of sound reproduction and duration of sound.
  • In order to ensure that the tingshas retain their quality, we have given them our special cleaning and optimisation treatment, https://jacominasounds.com/restauración-y-conservacion/which includes protection against future oxidation and the transmission of heavy metals into the body.A unique and exclusive service in the world!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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