Antique Tibetan bell -7


  • Age: 19th - 20th century
  • Type : Tibetan bell

Beautifully detailed by skilled craftsmen in the traditional manner with Tibetan symbolic script, circa 1900. The sound of the bell is clear and penetrating. Handmade. Bronze of mixed alloy of 7 metals.

CONDITION: Very nice patina showing its age and use. Original clapper.

Approximate measurements: 9.5cm in diameter and 25cm in height.

Please listen with headphones


At the beginning of the sound sample, we strike the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a medium hard mallet. Then, we rub the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a padded leather drumstick and, at the end of the recording, we tap it gently with the padded part of the drumstick.

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Dimensions9 × 9 × 17,5 cm