Phoenix oil handpan


Give your instrument a new lease of life and prevent rusting

  • Thanks to a special formula, Phoenix Handpan Oil protects your instrument from oxidation and leaves a shiny finish.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil is skin safe, non-hazardous and made from 99.5% vegetable raw material.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil is non-sticky and can be easily removed from your instrument and the cloths used for cleaning.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil leaves no residue and helps to remove dirt from the instrument.
  • After using Phoenix Handpan Oil, your instrument will sound clear without any alteration.

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Phoenix Handpan Oil... Give your instrument a new lease of life

Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients...

PHOENIX uses only natural ingredients  y essential oil  with  antibacterial effect helps to  removing dust and dirt  y  creates a protective barrier on the surface without leaving residues and giving a glossy finish.

Phoenix Handpan Oil contains no aggressive or acidic substances.

The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural scent of some of the ingredients in our secret formula.

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Weight200 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 10 cm