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GONG Feng 50 cm


  • Age: 20th - 21st century
  • Type : Gong Feng
  • Note: Consult
  • Handmade gong made by hand. 50 cm diameter; Thickness of wall Thick ; Fundamental tone: in 4th octave and harmonics in 5th octave according to mallet or flumi . Handmade, Copper mixed alloy of 3 metals.

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Description / Additional information

It is advisable to add a large medium-hard mallet to beat this bowl. https://jacominasounds.com/accesorios-cuencos-gongs/


  • At Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present all Gongs on our website with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as the Gongs have a wide range of overtones, there might be some differences between the recordings and the real thing. Then you will surely be surprised that they sound even better live!
  • All our Gongs have passed the rigorous authenticity tests on the handcrafted construction, the balance between the harmonics, the smoothness of the sound reproduction, and the duration of the sounds.

Additional information

Weight 2,500 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 6 cm

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