DRAGONFLY Gong Mallets

  • Resonance series
  • Small mini-format mallets expand the frequency range of any gong.
  • Thin fibreglass handles that feel pleasant to the hand and minimise every sound of impact
  • Thanks to their small size, they are ideal for generating a lot of mid and high harmonics with the Gong.
  • Also suitable for single-tone singing bowls perfect for different sizes of Himalayan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls.
  • Price per couple

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These tiny little mallets are perfect for expanding the timbral palette of any gong. The slim fibreglass handles are super comfortable in the hand and minimise any contact sounds. Because these mallets are quite small, they are ideal for getting many higher harmonics out of your gong. These also sound and feel fantastic on Tibetan singing bowls, eliciting a clear and pure tone. Perfect for single notes on a variety of sizes of Himalayan and crystal bowls. The short, slim handles are comfortable in the hand and very easy to play. The light flexibility of the fibreglass ensures a beautiful sound quality at all times.

1 ½" core in 5/32" x 10 ½" fibreglass shanks wrapped with felt and fleece. Sold as a pair.

2" core in 3/16" x 11 ½" fibreglass shanks, wrapped with felt and fleece.

Additional information

Weight0,600 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 20 cm