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DRAGONFLY Gong Mallets

  • Resonance series
  • Large, low-profile disc-shaped, fleece-covered core in a ¾" diameter (13.5" long) maple or aluminium handle. This mallet is harder and considerably heavier than the smaller one, resulting in an astonishingly fast and effortless response. It is capable of enormous dynamic range and a full spectrum of overtones. Excellent for use on almost any size or variety of gong. Sold individually, this mallet is the same as the SNG but with a different handle.

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"The medium mallet is capable of great sensitivity with fantastic weight and response. It is expansive. In a meditation I associate it with 'alignment'. It has that grounding feeling that extends and balances to the crown of the head." - Ben Irons, CHt, CMI


Dragonfly's Resonance Gong mallets are specifically designed for use in sound healing, sound meditation and sound bath practice. We have collaborated with Benjamin Irons, CHt, CMI and Yogi Mehtab Benton, combining expertise in sound healing and percussion performance to create a superior instrument for sound production on a wide variety of gongs.

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Weight 0,500 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 25 cm

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