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Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl JS01077


  • Age: 19th century
  • Type: Manipuri
  • Note: Ab/ A b 3rd octave 216 Hza 432 Hz 
  • Measurements: 15 cm diameter x 4 cm high
  • Weight: 440 gr.
  • Handmade
  • 7-metal mixed alloy

Please listen with headphones


At the beginning of the sound sample, we strike the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a medium hard mallet. Then, we rub the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a padded leather drumstick and, at the end of the recording, we tap it gently with the padded part of the drumstick.





The bowls MANIPURI are saucer-shaped, with small bases, low, slightly curved rims that open out like a flower. They can be thick or thin. With completely smooth surfaces, both inside and out. It is quite common for them to be marked with beautiful lines and/or patterns of small circles with dots, both on the inner base and on their inner and outer edges. Sometimes the edges may also be thicker, triangular inwards, with fine lines, dots or circles engraved on the surface of the rim.


The sizes that can be found range from very small to medium. There are some larger and heavier ones but they are rare. In general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality MANIPURI bowls.


Small bowls, having a small base, tend to be unstable. For this reason, it is necessary to rest them on the fingers of the hand to play them with a drumstick, with or without leather.


Their sounds are expansive. Depending on their volume or vibrational capacity, they are more suitable for concerts, sound baths and for subtle work in therapies, where they are usually placed on specific parts of the body (hands, head, chakras).


Jacomina Sounds offers high quality antique MANIPURI bowls. Handmade with a combination of 5 to 9 metals. Most of them are part of our private collection. These, as well as the most recent ones, have been personally selected in Nepal. All have received our unique and exclusive cleaning and sound optimisation treatment. For more information about our specialised treatment.






  • Certificate of authenticity, with the specific characteristics of each bowl chosen.
  • A high quality, hard, professional Nepalese drumstick made of wood and leather, padded up to the middle.
  • Tips on how to maintain the bowl and drumstick.
  • A brief instruction on how to play the bowl.


It is advisable to add a small semi-hard mallet to beat this bowl. https://jacominasounds.com/accesorios-cuencos-gongs/






  • At Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present all singing bowls on our website with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as the bowls have a wide range of overtones, there might be some differences between the recordings and the real thing. Then you will surely be surprised that they sound even better live!


  • All our bowls have passed rigorous authenticity tests on age, harmonic balance, smoothness of sound reproduction and duration of sound.


  • In order to ensure that the bowls maintain their quality, we have given them our special cleaning and optimisation treatment, https://jacominasounds.com/restauración-y-conservacion/, which includes protection against future oxidation and the transmission of heavy metals into the body.A unique and exclusive service in the world!





Additional information

Weight 0,353 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 15,5 × 5,5 cm

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