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Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl JS02128


  • Age: 19th century
  • Type: Thadobadti antique Tibetan bowl
  • Note: B /B B 3rd octave 242 Hz to 432 Hz
  • Measurements: 16 cm diameter x 8.5 cm high
  • Weight: 0.787 gr.
  • handmade
  • 7-metal mixed alloy

Please listen with headphones


At the beginning of the sound sample, we strike the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a medium hard mallet. Then, we rub the bowl on the top of the outer rim with a padded leather drumstick and, at the end of the recording, we tap it gently with the padded part of the drumstick.

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The bowls THADOBATI ASSAM antiguos son preciosos y ampliamente utilizados vienen de la arquitectura de construcción tipo Ghantabatta de la India. Los hay de tamaños súper grandes, grandes, medianos y pequeños. Se caracterizan por tener bordes altos, abiertos y elegantemente curvados y se pueden apreciar las marcas de los golpes del martillo. Pueden ser totalmente lisos o solamente lisos en la parte superior, así como tener una o más líneas grabadas en la parte superior exterior. Algunos también tienen inscripciones de mantras, nombres o dedicaciones. Las terminaciones de algunos bordes son planas o redondeadas. Otras son más gruesas, redondas y/o en forma triangular que se extiende hacia el interior, y, a veces, tienen líneas acanaladas en las terminaciones planas.

Las bases de todos los cuencos Thadobati Assam son planas y de tamaño pequeño o mediano. Habitualmente, en el interior de la base, tienen uno o varios círculos concéntricos grabados. A menudo, estas líneas e inscripciones casi han desaparecido debido a los años de uso.

They are easy to play by resting them on the hand or on a surface. To achieve a quality sound, it is important to use the right mallets and sticks.

By striking the upper outer part of the rim with the mallet, the fundamental note remains balanced and powerful, capable of generating multiple overtones. The sound produced by the friction of the stick is usually warm and enveloping. Depending on the thickness of the stick, at what height of the rim it is struck, higher or lower overtones are produced and the bowl will vibrate more or less intensely.

Depending on the specific characteristics of each bowl, Thadobati bowls are excellent for concerts and sound baths or therapies. They are also used for meditation, inducing relaxation and altering states of consciousness.

Jacomina Sounds ofrece cuencos Thadobati Assamantiguos de alta calidad. Hechos a mano y con una combinación de entre 5 y 9 metales. La mayoría, forman parte de nuestra colección privada. Tanto estos como los más recientes, han estado seleccionados personalmente en Nepal. Todos han recibido nuestro tratamiento único y exclusivo de limpieza y optimización del sonido. Para más información sobre nuestro specialised treatment.


  • Certificate of authenticity, with the specific characteristics of each bowl chosen.
  • A high quality, hard, professional Nepalese drumstick made of wood and leather, padded up to the middle.
  • Tips on how to maintain the bowl and drumstick.
  • A brief instruction on how to play the bowl.

It is advisable to add a large medium-hard mallet to beat this bowl.


  • At Jacomina Sounds we do our best to present all singing bowls on our website with their original sounds, without manipulations. However, as the bowls have a wide range of overtones, there might be some differences between the recordings and the real thing. Then you will surely be surprised that they sound even better live!
  • All our bowls have passed rigorous authenticity tests on age, harmonic balance, smoothness of sound reproduction and duration of sound.
  • In order to ensure that the bowls maintain their quality, we have given them our special cleaning and optimisation treatment, which includes a protection to prevent future oxidation and the transmission of heavy metals to our bodies. A unique and exclusive service in the world!

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Weight843 kg
Dimensions21,5 × 21,5 × 10 cm

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