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Jacomina Sounds
High quality in everything we offer
Professional instruments
International training with singing bowls, gongs, monochords, hangs and the Healing Voice.
Antique Tibetan bowls from private collection
and other instruments for amateurs, professionals, collectors and museums
Cleaning, restoration and re-tuning of antique singing bowls
Highly specialised service, unique in the world
Concerts, sound and image recordings full of beauty and heart
Relaxation, re-alignment and harmony for body, mind and spirit
Our values
Transparency, honesty, responsibility, social and planetary consciousness
Jacomina Sounds
High quality in everything we offer
Bridges of cooperation, friendship and inspiration
Jacomina Sounds
High quality in everything we offer
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Jacomina Sounds
is sound, quality and harmony

We love music and, especially, quality handmade instruments that provide us with well-being, relaxation and inner growth, such as ancient Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, handpans and monochords, among others. All of them made, with conscience and dedication, by master luthiers and goldsmiths.

Most of the bowls we offer come from our private collection, started more than 30 years ago. They are high quality antique bowls, the most beautiful and special in sound and appearance. Bowls that are hard to find nowadays.

At Jacomina Sounds we respect them deeply and we are convinced that quality is very important because "harmony creates harmony".. That is why we have preserved and protected these messengers of peace, love and wisdom from the past for those bowl lovers who know how to value and care for them in the present and future.

We feel that the time has come to start sharing these bowls along with other high quality instruments, all chosen one by one, with deep admiration and respect, and thus contribute to a world with more love, beauty, joy, peace and health!

For those who wish, we put all our experience and professionalism to teach you how to make the most of your potential in our face-to-face and online trainings.

JACOMINASOUNDS donates part of the profits to the NGO MITRATA NEPAL SPAIN.

Welcome to Jacomina Sounds!

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